Customer Service

Welcome to our Help Page. Our state-of-the-art box office system has been designed to connect you with tickets to the best shows in the region. On this page, you’ll find helpful hints and tips to make your ticket purchase quick and easy along with information on how to reach our Patron Services team.

Tips on Buying Tickets:

  • Have your credit card and CORRECT billing address ready. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. American Express is not accepted at this time.  You’ll have ten (10) minutes once you select your tickets to complete your purchase.
  • Do not use tabs in your browser window while making your ticket purchase. Due to web security policies, having multiple tabs open in your browser can cause your tickets to be released. This is also to prevent one person from placing multiple orders at the same time which would reduce availability to other patrons.
  • While placing your order, make sure you click “ADD TO CART” before clicking any other links in your browser. If you haven’t clicked “ADD TO CART” then your tickets are automatically released.
  • Ask for HELP! During major on-sale days, our Live Support service is activated which will connect you with our courteous, and helpful box office staff. If our system is offline, simply leave a message and we’ll respond when our office opens on the next business day. While Live Support is the quickest and easiest way to get support, you may also call our office at 256-241-3322